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Sponsored Content On Our Social Media

Calynn Communications & Creative offers sponsored content packages for you or your business to be spotlighted on our social media pages! This is great for companies that are looking for a fast turnaround with a speedy promotion. 

A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes to self-funding our nonprofit initiativeThe Fresh Faces Project.

10% Discount Available for bulk orders of 4 services or more.

Product/Service Review    (starting at $200 due upfront, extra fees may apply)

This is a review to be published to three of our online accounts between our Instagram pages and our Facebook pages on your product or service tagging your business in the copy of the post. Product or service must be FREE OF CHARGE TO US (nonnegotiable), in addition to the review fee. 

There must be at least a one week trial period given to us to test your product/service before we review. Hospitality/experience-based companies only need to allow us one complimentary experience at their business. 

Products/services that require us to test long-term will be charged an additional $50-$75 for every extra week we have to test the product (skincare products, vitamins, weight loss, etc).

Publishing the review to extra social media accounts (outside of the 3 included) can be arranged for an additional $30 per added account.

Business Spotlight (starting at $75 due upfront, extra costs may apply)

This is a general business spotlight to be published to one of our Instagram accounts and one of our Facebook pages tagging your business in the copy of the post and linking your website.

This can be completed within 2 days of accepting payment.

Publishing the spotlight to extra social media accounts (outside of the 2 included) can be arranged for an additional $25 per added account.


Package availability depends on our workload. If interested in booking, please email us at SUBJECT "Social Media"


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