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Calynn Communications & Creative is an online advertising firm that offers a variety of multi-award winning marketing, editorial, and media services. This firm was founded in 2020 by Calynn M. Lawrence , a seventeen-time award-winning entrepreneur in the fashion, arts and entertainment industry, as a means to combine and expand all of her endeavors into one conglomerate corporation. "We Sell Stardom & Support Dreams." We work with many major companies and brands (national and international), however, our heart lays with small businesses, startup organizations and aspiring creatives and talents ! The most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that our business has is how many underrated, underrepresented individuals on the rise we provided exposure to!   Some of the household names we've collaborated with are The Ms. International World Organization , The Miss Black America Organization ,   Pretty Little Liars (TV Series) ,  All My Friends Ar
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The World Times Cover Story PR Package (Limited Time Only)

The World Times   was acquired by the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation in January of 2022!  This publication is an international digital newspaper that releases global news and impactful stories from people of varying cultures and backgrounds. We are making an effort to put a new spin on the standard coverage of international media outlets by highlighting just as many "everyday people" as we do celebrities. For this reason, we have a premium offering available to select individuals who are rising talents, local change makers or business leaders .  We will publish a full length cover story about you and your brand (whether you are a public figure, artist, athlete or entrepreneur) on The World Times, given you meet certain requirements listed below, for only $397 (dimes on the dollar compared to other international publications) .  *Turnaround time for your Cover Story is 3-5 business days from receipt of your required materials Requirements: You must have at

The World Times

  As of January 2022, the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation has acquired the international news media outlet, The World Times !  This was a decision that was carefully considered and pursued because we wanted to expand our Public Relations offerings for our clients, especially small businesses and up and coming talents!  This publication provides global news and impactful stories from people of varying cultures and backgrounds. Through our editorial management of this publication, we plan to put a twist on the standard coverage that big name outlets give by making it a point to actively highlight rising talents, change makers and do gooders from underrepresented groups.  Unlike our other publications What's Good Weekly , Millionaires In The Making , and Icons In the Now , the format of this publication is a digital newspaper and not an online magazine. This adds an element of diversity to our portfolio and we anticipate that our audience will greatly enjoy this! www

Read Our Client Reviews - Case Studies About Our Services

See some of our case studies and reviews from our clients! Click the business name to see their social media or website. MS. INTERNATIONAL WORLD ORGANIZATION ( Mega Media PR Push + Commercial Production ) (2021) "This was fantastic! Thank you so very much to the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation! It was our honor to work with Calynn M. Lawrence. A true professional. " - Angela P, CEO We were able to get them on the front page of Model On A Mission Magazine as well as several FOX stations, CBS , NBC , Digital Journal , Daily Herald , Channel 2 , MarketWatch and several radio stations ! We also wrote and edited their commercial for their 2021 pageant competition! MISS BLACK AMERICA ORGANIZATION ( Mega Media PR Push + Custom PR Package ) (2021) "Awesome Sauce! We are immensely grateful to and satisfied with Calynn Communications & Creative! It has been a pleasure working with Calynn. An efficient, experienced professional, she quickly turned aroun

Public Relations - Getting You Featured On One Of Our Partnered Publications

Calynn Communications & Creative offers Public Relations services with many outside publications that we've partnered with. We have a categorized list below. We do not sell PR packages for publications that we do not already have a relationship with as we guarantee you placement on the site of your choice or your money back! A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes  to self-funding our nonprofit initiative,  The Fresh Faces Project. 10% Discount Available for bulk orders  of 3 packages or more. What This Service Includes: A scheduled  15-minute phone consultation to better get to know you and your business so that we can know how to best tell your story within 3 days of booking. An original article draft (up to 1000 words) for your review within 3 business days of consultation. A second (and final) draft revision for any corrections you may have within 2 business days of receiving your desired corrections. Placement on to your publication of choice within 5 busi

Press & Media Kit/ Visual Resume Creation (Only For Our PR Clients)

  What Is It And Why Do You Need It? Are you one of our beloved PR clients looking for a visual representation of all your fantastic accomplishments and accolades? If so, we are offering all of our PR clients (past and present) an exclusive offer for a special service from us! We want to create your Press & Media Kit/Visual Resume for all of your submission purposes! This item would allow important gatekeepers to your career to have an aesthetically pleasing, visually impactful portfolio showcasing the best of you !  Our team will create a killer 3 Page Press and Media Kit Visual Resume that highlights you, your talents and accolades in a star-status manner! This item is great supplementary material to use for gig auditions, contest submissions, and applications for competitive jobs, schools or programs! You get ALL OF THIS for only $297 ! Turnaround time is 5 business days from receipt of all your required materials! Requirements: This offering is EXCLUSIVE to our PR clients beca

Hire Us As Your Full Service Public Relations Team! (Monthly Retainers)

  Does your brand require more than just the occasional PR & Marketing service or consultation? Are you looking for a full service management team to take over your online presence and media appearances ? If so, our firm offers a couple of premium retainer packages for brands who fit certain criteria. Because these packages are considerably more time consuming and expensive than one-off services, we only take a HANDFUL of retainer clients a year . These retainer rates are BEST SUITED for talent agencies, record labels, modeling firms, pageant systems, publishing houses, film production studios and other organizations that employ numerous talents or creatives and want to have consistent coverage for them ! Learn more about our requirements and package details below! Requirements To qualify for this service, you must have the following: - An annual income of at least $125,000 (your personal salaries, your business profits or a combination) Retainer P.R. is a business INVESTMENT and

Mega Media PR Push: Major News Outlets (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!)

Are you a  public figure, entrepreneur, or creative  who's looking for a   KILLER deal  to get your brand the promotion and exposure it deserves? If so, look no further! Our firm has launched a  LIMITED TIME ONLY Premium PR package  where we'll write a stellar article about you and your brand and get it published to several major news outlets such as FOX, NBC, CBS and Digital Journal   FOR ONLY $375 ! This bundle is  discounted by over 25% normal price  and is a  fundraiser promotion to raise money  for our nonprofit initiative,  The Fresh Faces Project ! We provide the interview questions, submission guidelines, and article editing! All you have to do is submit the required materials! TURNAROUND TIME IS  3-5 BUSINESS DAYS  FROM RECEIVING YOUR REQUIRED MATERIALS! CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!! NOT TAKING NEW ORDERS FOR THIS SERVICE!  BUY HERE