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Calynn Communications & Creative is an online advertising firm that offers a variety of multi-award winning marketing, editorial, and media services. This firm was founded in 2020 by Calynn M. Lawrence , a seventeen-time award-winning entrepreneur in the fashion, arts and entertainment industry, as a means to combine and expand all of her endeavors into one conglomerate corporation. "We Sell Stardom & Support Dreams." We work with many major companies and brands (national and international), however, our heart lays with small businesses, startup organizations and aspiring creatives and talents ! The most important KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that our business has is how many underrated, underrepresented individuals on the rise we provided exposure to!   Some of the household names we've collaborated with are The Ms. International World Organization , The Miss Black America Organization ,   Pretty Little Liars (TV Series) ,  All My Friends Ar
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Read Our Client Reviews - Case Studies About Our Services

See some of our case studies and reviews from our clients! MS. INTERNATIONAL WORLD ORGANIZATION ( Mega Media PR Push + Commercial Production ) (2021) "This was fantastic! Thank you so very much to the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation! It was our honor to work with Calynn M. Lawrence. A true professional. " - Angela P, CEO We were able to get them on the front page of Model On A Mission Magazine as well as several FOX stations, CBS , NBC , Digital Journal , Daily Herald , Channel 2 , MarketWatch and several radio stations ! We also wrote and edited their commercial for their 2021 pageant competition! MISS BLACK AMERICA ORGANIZATION ( Mega Media PR Push + Custom PR Package ) (2021) "Awesome Sauce! We are immensely grateful to and satisfied with Calynn Communications & Creative! It has been a pleasure working with Calynn. An efficient, experienced professional, she quickly turned around our request to publish our article  by the Pageant's Fou

Public Relations - Getting You Featured On One Of Our Partnered Publications

Image 1 Credit Calynn Communications & Creative offers Public Relations services with many outside publications that we've partnered with. We have a categorized list below. We do not sell PR packages for publications that we do not already have a relationship with as we guarantee you placement on the site of your choice or your money back! A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes  to self-funding our nonprofit initiative,  The Fresh Faces Project. 10% Discount Available for bulk orders  of 3 packages or more. What This Service Includes: A scheduled  15-minute phone consultation to better get to know you and your business so that we can know how to best tell your story within 3 days of booking. An original article draft (up to 1000 words) for your review within 3 business days of consultation. A second (and final) draft revision for any corrections you may have within 2 business days of receiving your desired corrections. Placement on to your publication of cho

Mega Media PR Push: Major News Outlets (Limited Time Only)

Are you a  public figure, entrepreneur, or creative  who's looking for a   KILLER deal  to get your brand the promotion and exposure it deserves? If so, look no further! Our firm has launched a  LIMITED TIME ONLY Premium PR package  where we'll write a stellar article about you and your brand and get it published to several major news outlets such as FOX, NBC, CBS and Digital Journal   FOR ONLY $375 ! This bundle is  discounted by over 25% normal price  and is a  fundraiser promotion to raise money  for our nonprofit initiative,  The Fresh Faces Project ! We provide the interview questions, submission guidelines, and article editing! All you have to do is submit the required materials! TURNAROUND TIME IS  3-5 BUSINESS DAYS  FROM RECEIVING YOUR REQUIRED MATERIALS!   BUY HERE

Fame Inflamed Premium PR Bundle (Limited Time Only)

Are you a public figure, entrepreneur, or creative who's looking for a KILLER deal to get your brand the promotion and exposure it deserves? If so, look no further! Our firm has launched a LIMITED TIME ONLY Premium PR package where we'll give you 3 separate interviews published to THE FRONT PAGES OF OUR  Top 3 Publications FOR ONLY $297 ! This bundle is discounted by over 20% normal price and is a fundraiser promotion to raise money for our nonprofit initiative, The Fresh Faces Project ! Each bundle deal will get: 3 Separate Interviews Published To Each of Our Publications 3 Social Media Shoutouts (1 From Each Publication's Facebook Page) We provide the interview questions, submission guidelines, and article editing! All you have to do is submit the required materials! TURNAROUND TIME IS 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS FROM RECEIVING YOUR REQUIRED MATERIALS!   Rush Orders Can Be Done (1 Day Delivery) For An Additional $25. BUY HERE  Icons In The Now Before reading this publicatio

Video/Commercial Production

Calynn Communications & Creative  offers commercial/video production and editing to tell your brand's story in a captivating, visually appealing manner! We can even come to you to shoot the footage for your commercial (if you're within 50 miles of 60805) for an added fee , but most clients prefer to send us footage and images that they already have and/or shoot the footage we request themselves and send it to us! A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes to self-funding our nonprofit initiative ,  The Fresh Faces Project. 10% Discount Available for bulk orders of 4 services or more. Prices include: Script and Visual Storyboard Written By Us 2 Video Revisions Professional Voice Actor/Actress to Read The Script Copyright-free music and supplementary footage supplied by us Being posted and promoted on our social media with a guaranteed 10,000 views on your commercial within 3 weeks of launch (price of the FB ad and organic promo time already included in prices) Unlimited usage rig

Take Our Course! How To Master Marketing, The Media & The Masses: The First Wave

  Calling all PUBLIC FIGURES, CREATIVES and SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS ! Calynn Communications & Creative and The Fresh Faces Project has officially released an online certificate course JUST FOR YOU that will teach the FUNDAMENTALS of building a brand, and managing your own digital marketing, public relations and social media !  Composed and taught by our Founder & CEO Calynn M. Lawrence, a 17x Award-winning marketing professional, this certificate course comes with SEVERAL VIDEO MODULES , PDF copies of every presentation , comprehension assessments for every module, a 2-page bonus Helpful Resources document and a COMPLIMENTARY P.R. SERVICE from our firm (details in concluding course video, must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase)! We seek to educate and benefit the future stars of tomorrow, as well as fund our nonprofit initiative that has supported over 600 brands, performers and organizations! 20% of proceeds will go towards a greater cause! You will notice that the price

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Click the titles to view articles. Our CEO has been spotlighted in over 50 news publications and media outlets (TV, radio, editorial) throughout her career. These are just some of the most prominent features. Yahoo! Finance New York Times Daily Cover Story The Washington Mail New York Today Forbes Journal (Front Page) Now Called "Tycoon Herald" TIME Magazine Paris Now Called "London Defender" E! News Sri Lanka Billboard Hip Hop Disrupt Magazine FOX NBC The Cover of The Los Angeles Tribune Pioneer Daily The Cover of Easy Business Tips Digital Journal Channel 2 MarketWatch Cover of Billionaire's Diary (twice, now defunct) Sweet Startups The Cover of  Humour & Style A Valid Review Bronze Magazine Voyage Chicago Right On! Magazine The Cover of The Every Lady iHeart Radio (2017 and 2018) Windy City Underground (starts at -09:33) Nancy Liles Business and Beauty Podcast Fail Faster Podcast   Tha Daily Hustle Show with Ron Robinson ( featured on both his radio show