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Fashion Thunderclap

Fashion Thunderclap is the genesis of our CEO's journey into the fashion and entertainment world, and essentially the beginning of her career in Marketing and Editorial. Having had the same blog for 9 years since she was 15 years old, she has a strong attachment to the site. 

As a teenager, she would create binders upon binders of fashion sketches and save her coins to buy a few copies of some of her favorite magazines such as Vogue, Seventeen and Harper's Bazaar. Sometimes she would record her thoughts on her blog about industry topics that she learned about through these publications. After only a few months, this very blog was used in her application portfolio for a Retail Business internship at one of the biggest names in luxury fashion department stores, Nordstrom, where she stayed for 3 years learning as much as possible about the fashion industry.

In recent years, she uses this blog to chronicle her major life events such as her experiences working in television, her many red carpet appearances at things such as Fashion Weeks in LA, Paris, New York and Chicago, and her personal journey in life! 

This blog was also the ORIGINAL home to our nonprofit initiative, The Fresh Faces Project. She would post articles and interviews on her blog before expanding her reach and eventually developing a website specifically for the initiative. 

This blog is a one-stop wonder for all things related to our CEO. This was what started it all!


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About Our CEO

Calynn M. Lawrence, Miss World America Nation 2020 is the CEO of the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation (est 2020) that owns Chicago Talent TV (est 2018) and The Fresh Faces Project (est 2014). She is a 24-year-old, seventeen-time award-winning entrepreneur in the Marketing Management and Editorial industries with heavy ties to the fashion, arts, and entertainment sector! She also is a college graduate with a degree in Business and Art ( Daley ), and certificate programs in Persuasive Communications - Public Speaking and Writing + Entrepreneurship - Focused In Emerging Economies + Leadership ( Harvard Business School Online ), Marketing Management + Business Accounting ( Daley ) and Social Media Consulting + Fashion Business ( IAP College ). She got her start at 15 years old when she started a fashion blog and began a Retail Business/Fashion internship at the downtown Chicago Nordstrom Mall in 2011, where she stayed for 3 years until 2014. They taught her the

About Us

Calynn Communications & Creative is an online advertising firm that offers a variety of multi-award winning marketing, editorial, and media services. This firm was founded in 2020 by Calynn M. Lawrence , a seventeen-time award-winning entrepreneur in the fashion, arts and entertainment industry, as a means to combine and expand all of her endeavors into one conglomerate corporation. Some of the companies we've done work for are All My Friends Are Models , Nordstrom , Neiman Marcus , The Society Fashion Week , Latino Fashion Week , Black Fashion Week ,  Chick-fil-A , Bach To Rock , Venta USA , Memento Vivere Entertainment , Urban Grind TV ,  Sweet Startups ,   YLCT Foundation , True Elegance Magazine ,   Komodo Energy Drink , Africa International House ,  CAN TV   and Demand Development . A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes  to self-funding our nonprofit initiative,  The Fresh Faces Project. Information On What Services We Offer Sponsored Content on

Public Relations - Getting You Featured On One Of Our Partnered Sites

Image 1 Credit Calynn Communications & Creative offers Public Relations services with many outside publications that we've partnered with. We have a categorized list below. We do not sell PR packages for publications that we do not already have a relationship with as we try to guarantee you placement on the site of your choice. However, we do not manage the listed publications and they reserve the right to reject an article if they feel it is not what they are looking for. A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes  to self-funding our nonprofit initiative,  The Fresh Faces Project. 10% Discount Available for bulk orders  of 4 articles or more. What This Service Includes: A scheduled  15-minute phone consultation to better get to know you and your business so that we can know how to best tell your story within 3 days of booking. An original article draft (up to 750 words) for your review within 7 days of consultation. A second (and final) draft revision for an