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Public Relations - Getting You Featured On One Of Our Partnered Publications

Calynn Communications & Creative offers Public Relations services with many outside publications that we've partnered with. We have a categorized list below. We do not sell PR packages for publications that we do not already have a relationship with as we guarantee you placement on the site of your choice or your money back!

A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes to self-funding our nonprofit initiative, The Fresh Faces Project.
10% Discount Available for bulk orders of 3 packages or more.

What This Service Includes:
  • A scheduled 15-minute phone consultation to better get to know you and your business so that we can know how to best tell your story within 3 days of booking.
  • An original article draft (up to 1000 words) for your review within 3 business days of consultation.
  • A second (and final) draft revision for any corrections you may have within 2 business days of receiving your desired corrections.
  • Placement on to your publication of choice within 5 business days days of the final draft confirmation.
Pricing varies per publication, as we pay them a commission fee on articles that differs per site depending on the niche and their following.
Extended phone consultations are available for $25 per additional 30 minutes.

Package availability depends on our workload. If interested in booking, please email us at SUBJECT "PR Services."

MEGA MEDIA PR Bundle $375 sale price

My firm will interview you and write a KILLER press release about you and your platform/brand, then get it published to SEVERAL Major Media Outlets including FOX, NBC, CBS, Digital Journal and more! This package only includes ONE press release article.
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FAME INFLAMED PR Bundle  $297 Sale Price

3 separate interviews with you on the front pages of our firm’s top 3 online publications and their social media (What’s Good Weekly, Millionaires In The Making, and Icons In The Now) and we’ll tell you how to leverage them.
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INDIVIDUAL MAJOR MEDIA OUTLETS (all digital, not print) (click title to visit publication)

The Los Angeles Tribune (front page)      $500

Wall Street Publication (front page)     $500

New York Today (front page)         $500

The Washington Mail  (front page)   $500

The London Defender (front page)     $500

The Ritz Herald (front page)        $500

Tycoon Herald (front page) $425

E! Online Sri Lanka (front page)      $400

Celebrity Magazine Sri Lanka (front page) $400

Billboard World Music (front page)  $400

Just Fame Magazine (front page)    $350

Grammy Global Magazine (front page)     $350

The Madison Graph   $325

The Hudson Weekly    $325

Silicon Valley Times (front page)     $250

Just American News (front page)         $250

Epistle News (front page)      $200

Limitless Magazine (front page)       $200

Medium  $175

Cosmo Press Magazine  $175

Disrupt Magazine     $175

Sweet Startups  (front page)    $175

Esquire Daily (front page)       $150

FeedVoice (front page)     $150

Pioneer Daily (front page)     $150