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Special Event Appearances and Public Speaking Engagements

Calynn Communications & Creative offers special event appearances and public speaking engagements with our CEO, Calynn M Lawrence, Miss United States Universe Tourism 2021. These are our rates below.

A minimum of 10% of our proceeds goes to self-funding our nonprofit initiativeThe Fresh Faces Project.

10% Discount Available for bulk orders of 4 services or more.

Volunteer/Charity Opportunities  (FREE)

As part of her duty to serve the community as a pageant titleholder, our CEO attends legitimate charity functions and volunteer opportunities free of charge as her schedule allows. These events must be hosted by established charities and nonprofit organizations within 30 miles of 60805 or travel fees may occur.

Public Speaking Engagements ($200 an hour + $50 travel fee)

For public speaking engagements such as graduation ceremonies, business conferences and commercial conventions, our CEO charges a rate of $200 an hour for every hour she will be needed at the event and a $50 travel fee to cover her commute. The $200 an hour covers not just her event appearance, but wardrobe, hair and makeup and the time it takes to prepare for the event. Must be within 50 miles of 60805 or additional travel fees will incur.

Red Carpet Events/ Media Personality Appearances (FREE, extra costs may be added)

For red carpet events or media personality appearances such as Fashion Weeks, Large Awards Shows, Large Concerts and the like, our CEO can attend free of charge as her schedule allows as long as she does not have to purchase a ticket and is guaranteed good seating. She may or may not decide to publish an article about it on her blog as she has done many times in the past. However, a guaranteed blog post, especially one where the host would like creative input, is a PAID service. See our article fees here.

 Events outside of 35 miles from 60805 will likely not be attended unless there is a travel budget supplied by the host. All invitations are, however, appreciated.


Booking availability depends on our workload. If interested in booking, please email us at SUBJECT "Event Appearance/Public Speaking"


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