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See some of our case studies and reviews from our clients!

MS. INTERNATIONAL WORLD ORGANIZATION (Mega Media PR Push+ Commercial Production) (2021)

"This was fantastic! Thank you so very much to the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation! It was our honor to work with Calynn M. Lawrence. A true professional. " - Angela P, CEO

We were able to get them on the front page of Model On A Mission Magazine as well as several FOX stations, CBS, NBC, Digital Journal, Daily Herald, Channel 2, MarketWatch and several radio stations! We also wrote and edited their commercial for their 2021 pageant competition!

"Awesome Sauce! We are immensely grateful to and satisfied with Calynn Communications & Creative! It has been a pleasure working with Calynn. An efficient, experienced professional, she quickly turned around our request to publish our article by the Pageant's Founder, J. Morris Anderson. With short notice, Calynn provided us with personal detailed attention. Her distribution service secured prime space for part one of our awareness series in more than 25 Major Media Outlets. We look forward to continuing with Calynn Communications & Creative moving forward!"Aleta Anderson, Executive Producer

We work with the Miss Black America organization as their contract Publicist! We were able to edit their Juneteenth letter from the Founder, and get it published to tens of major media outlets such as multiple stations for FOX and CBS, NBC, several radio stations, Digital Journal, and the front pages of The Los Angeles Tribune, Wall Street Publication, New York Today and The Washington Mail within 3 days of booking!

CHICK-FIL-A  (Retainer Social Media Management and PR) (Jan 2019-present)

"We’ve worked with Calynn (CEO of Calynn Communications & Creative) for over 2 years. She’s grown our Facebook and Instagram presence more than we ever thought possible! Professional, creative and enthusiastic about growing her client’s business. Highly recommend!" - Sara V, Owner-Operator of CFA Elmhurst

Throughout our ongoing contract with Chick-fil-A, we have been able to grow their social media following by over 500%, consistently meeting or exceeding goals for reach, engagement, and other KPIs while staying within the designated advertising budget! Outside of social media and PR, we also contribute to their community relations and grassroots strategies, by planning and executing in-store events and fundraisers alongside the store management team such as: Daddy Daughter Date NightFall Family Fun NightPageants For A PurposeChick-fil-A's Influencer Social and more. We've also secured multiple press articles, for which one of them made #1 to Google News at that time! 

"This was such an honor! THANK YOU for your love and light." - Joanna Trailov, Ms. Woman United States 2020

We published 3 interviews with Joanna on our 3 signature publications: Icons In The Now, What's Good Weekly, and Millionaires In The Making!

TEEN MISS ILLINOIS 2019 (Contract PR and Gig Placement) (2018-present) 

"Calynn was such a pleasure to work with for both me and my daughter. She is very responsive and included my daughter in many opportunities! With her support, My daughter was honored to work with companies like Chick-Fil-A Elmhurst, and Bach To Rock Naperville. Along with endless opportunities to be featured in news articles and online magazines. We are so thankful for her hard work and positive attitude to help our daughter. Calynn is knowledgeable and features her clients' talents and helps them network in the industry.  We will definitely be utilizing Calynn M. Lawrence expertise during her college years!" - Patricia G, Momager of Alyssa, Teen Miss Illinois 2019

Throughout our ongoing relationship with Alyssa (i.e Aly G), we have been able to help her attain various media and press features on several online publications including Icons In The Now, Sweet Startups, True Elegance Magazine and more! We also have helped her book various event appearances throughout her pageantry as Junior Miss Illinois 2018 and Teen Miss Illinois 2019, partnering her with organizations like Bach To Rock and Chick-fil-A. She was also a Season 1 and Season 2 star on our show "Chicago Talent!"

DEMAND DEVELOPMENT INC. (Contract Editorial Content Creation) (2020-present)

"Calynn has a way of creating content that connects! I've enjoyed utilizing her blog writing services because she does an amazing job of taking an idea and bringing it to life. I was so afraid of allowing someone else to help with content but she took the time to understand my brand voice and has made me a complete believer in outsourcing!" - Candyss, CEO

We were hired by Demand Development Inc. to strategize and execute several pieces of written and visual editorial content for their Professional Pivot blog, an online publication catering to career professionals!

TRUE ELEGANCE MEDIA INC. (Retainer Editorial Content Creation and PR) (2016-present)

"Calynn is a visionary who loves to have her hands in anything artistic. She has a strong eye for creative direction over editorial content and design. This coupled with her business acumen and strong marketing skills has been a great asset to me as well as many other clients of hers." - Theo Gray, CEO

We were hired by True Elegance Media Inc. to build and manage the online portion of their print publication end-to-end including strategy, content creation and execution and PR. We were able to grow their online magazine to gain thousands of reads, lots of social media engagement and tens of interviews with fabulous talent! We no longer actively manage their publication (as of Dec 2019) but we still contribute occasional content on behalf of our clients!


  1. Miss Black America Pageant

    "Awesome Sauce! We are immensely grateful to and satisfied with Calynn Communications & Creative! It has been a Pleasure working with Calynn. An efficient, experienced professional, she quickly turned around our request to Publish our Article, Miss Black America Yesterday and Today,
    by the Pageant's Founder, J. Morris Anderson."

    "With short notice, Calynn provided us with personal detailed attention. Her distribution service, secured prime space for part one of our awareness series in more than 25 Major Media Outlets.
    We look forward to continuing with Calynn Communications & Creative moving forward."

    ~Aleta Anderson, EP
    Miss Black America Pageant


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