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Take Our Course! How To Master Marketing, The Media & The Masses: The First Wave



Calynn Communications & Creative and The Fresh Faces Project has officially released an online certificate course JUST FOR YOU that will teach the FUNDAMENTALS of building a brand, and managing your own digital marketing, public relations and social media

Composed and taught by our Founder & CEO Calynn M. Lawrence, a 20x Award-winning marketing professional, this certificate course comes with SEVERAL VIDEO MODULES, PDF copies of every presentation, comprehension assessments for every module, a 2-page bonus Helpful Resources document and a COMPLIMENTARY P.R. SERVICE from our firm (details in concluding course video, must be redeemed within 30 days of purchase)! We seek to educate and benefit the future stars of tomorrow, as well as fund our nonprofit initiative that has supported almost 900 brands, performers and organizations! 20% of proceeds will go towards a greater cause!

You will notice that the price for this certificate course is SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER than courses of comparable value ($399 sale price, $1000 value). That is because we wanted to make sure this course was accessible to help as many people as possible! 

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P.S. This course is intended for learners looking to master the foundational principles of digital marketing, social media and PR for startup brands (public figures, creatives and entrepreneurs) and how to best implement those strategies to make an impact online, in their communities and in the media! This is NOT intended for experienced marketing/PR professionals seeking advanced knowledge.