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Press & Media Kit/ Visual Resume Creation (Only For Our PR Clients)


What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Are you one of our beloved PR clients looking for a visual representation of all your fantastic accomplishments and accolades? If so, we are offering all of our PR clients (past and present) an exclusive offer for a special service from us! We want to create your Press & Media Kit/Visual Resume for all of your submission purposes! This item would allow important gatekeepers to your career to have an aesthetically pleasing, visually impactful portfolio showcasing the best of youOur team will create a killer 3 Page Press and Media Kit Visual Resume that highlights you, your talents and accolades in a star-status manner! This item is great supplementary material to use for gig auditions, contest submissions, and applications for competitive jobs, schools or programs! You get ALL OF THIS for only $297! Turnaround time is 5 business days from receipt of all your required materials!


This offering is EXCLUSIVE to our PR clients because you have to have at least 3 noteworthy media pieces published about you in order to qualify! Don't know how to do that? Check out our current PR Offerings to see how we can get you in the news!

We also STRONGLY ADVISE that you have at least 3,000 social media followers (between public Facebook, Instagram or TikTok pages) so that you have proven "popularity" and supporters! Also, make sure that your online personal brand is PROFESSIONAL and caters to your target demographic. Don't know how to achieve this? Check out our Digital Marketing course for aspiring talents, creatives, public figures and entrepreneurs!

Lastly, we require you have a readily available list of 5 or more accomplishments (and photos to accompany them) that can be discussed in your Press & Media Kit/ Visual Resume. This is relative to the industry you're in but you should be able to discuss at least 5 things that make you stand out to your target audience. For example, if you are an actor, you may list something like: B.F.A. Graduate of Columbia College, 10 years of theater experience, National Amatueur Actors Award Winner 2019, Guest Starred On Law & Order: SVU (Season 2 Episode 5), Guest Starred On Chicago Med (Season 1 Episode 3). Or, if you are an athlete, you might list something like: MVP 2020 & 2011 at Jones High School, 10 Years Football experience (2 years as captain, 4 years Varsity), Helped School Team Win District Wide Award 2021, 17 MPH Run Speed, 45 Yard Throw. 

Do you fit the bill? If so, GREAT! Click the link below to get started!